2017 International Symposium on Minerals and Dairy Products held in Jiangnan University
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2017 International Symposium on Minerals and Dairy Products held in Jiangnan University

The 3rdInternational Symposium on Minerals & Dairy Products hosted by Jiangnan University was held in Wuxi from September 20 to 22,2017. More than 20 foreign dairy experts and scholars from France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and over 100 academic researchers and representatives from both domestic universities and research institutions, attended the symposium. At the opening ceremony, Prof. Wei Chen, the Vice-president of Jiangnan University, Prof. Frédéric Gaucheron from INRA, France and Prof. Yacine Hemar from University of Auckland, New Zealand respectively gave a welcome speech to experts and scholars from all over the world.

The symposium, based on International Laboratory of Milk Protein Functional Ingredients of Jiangnan University, aimed to explore the research frontiers of dairy science and to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of experts and scholars in the field of dairy research. During the two-day symposium, a total of more than 30 oral academic reports were arranged, with academic poster presentations, youth scientist forums and a dairy processing symposium. The participants focused on various important directions in the field of dairy products.

The 3rdInternational Symposium on Minerals and Dairy Products (MADP) was an international symposium launched by Jiangnan University, INRA and the University of Auckland, followed by the previous two sessions held in France and New Zealand respectively. Focusing on exploring key scientific issues and application prospects in dairy field and building a platform to boost dairy industry innovation, MADP has been gradually developing into a significant international platform for well-known scholars in relevant fields to exchange novel views and expand scientific research cooperation.

Professor Wei Chen: Vice President of Jiangnan University

Professor Frédéric Gaucheron: INRA

Group photo

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